Timbrook Toys

Where's my game? (and other FAQs)

What is the status of my game ORDER?

Hedge Lord has been more popular than we could have ever imagined. This popularity has allowed Dustin to leave his day job to focus on game-making full-time as our first employee, but that same popularity has also made our backlog of game orders grow…a lot. Even with Dustin working full-time, hand-making games still take awhile—about a week for twelve games.

That being said, game fulfillment is taking about five to six months right now. So, for example, if you ordered in March 2019, your game should be ready for pickup or shipment in late summer of 2019.

Keep in mind, though, this is just an estimate based on our current backlog and capabilities. If a tool breaks or if Dustin is abducted by Fraggles, it may take longer to deliver your game.

We appreciate your support and patience so much. If you have any questions or if you would like for us to cancel and refund your order (we understand the wait is long), shoot us an email at timbrooktoys@gmail.com.

Can My lord jump over or walk past an opposing beast?

No. If your lord touches a space occupied by an opposing beast at any time during your move, you will be devoured and eliminated from the game.

What if someone parks their beast by My Lord’s exit?

No problem. Just send your beast (or talk someone else into sending their beast) to eat that player’s lord. Once the lord is devoured, the beast is eliminated from the game and will no longer guard your exit.

Why Can’t my Beast Stay in the game after my Lord has been devoured?

Your beast has nothing left to live for. Let them go in peace.