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We've had a bunch of firsts

Hey, ya’ll, it’s Molly.

I just wanted to let you know that we had our FIRST artist talk about our gallery show, "The Art of Hedge Lord" at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, and it went really well! Thanks so much for coming out to support us, y'all! We appreciate you so much. 

But if you missed the talk, you also missed the first of our free stickers.

Just sayin'. 


Don't worry, though. The gallery show will be on view through April 20 and we'll have stickers at future events.

We've got the first of our ding dang shirts!

Thanks for being our model, Jared!

Thanks for being our model, Jared!

We've been selling a Timbrook Toys shirt and a Hedge Lord shirt on our website for a few months now, but we just started printing shirts last week and we'll be shipping and delivering ALL ordered shirts this week.

If you order a shirt ASAP, you'll get your shirt (and a sticker) within the week as part of our first batch of shirt orders!

The First Time We Didn't Get Artist Attribution 


Weird flex, New York Times Travel, but okay...

Columnist Sebastian Modak is visiting each destination in the New York Times's 52 Places to Go in 2019 list and Huntsville made the list! Modak visited Lowe Mill and, although we didn't get a mention, he took this neat snap of our gallery show. NYT, if you read this, please give us credit in your Instagram story! 😭

Our First Graduate

Another reason why we were so quiet over the winter was because we got our first deaf dog!Ernest is a one-ear-old double merle Catahoula leopard dog. We found him wandering around Hamilton, Alabama when we visited Dustin's family for Thanksgiving. He'd been hanging around the family farm house and he was in bad shape. We took him home and once he got better, it wasn't long before he wasn't content to just eat and sleep anymore... Ernest is rambunctious and mischievous, but he did recently pass doggie elementary school!  Keep an eye out for him in our Instagram stories. He and big sister Betty love to supervise our work in the shop.

Photo (and education) by  Such a Good Dog

Photo (and education) by Such a Good Dog

The first time Dustin painted 35-foot-tall crayons on the side of a building


In related firsts, Dustin painted the first of (hopefully) many murals you can see all the way from Memorial Parkway. 

Molly Timbrook