We’re Timbrook Toys

Hey y’all, it’s Molly. I’m a technical writer in Huntsville, Alabama, and my husband, Dustin, and I created Hedge Lord and Timbrook Toys.

If there’s one thing you should know about Dustin, it’s that he loves a good hedge maze. Visiting the Biltmore Estate on vacation was a let down for Dustin since the place had everything you could ask for in a palatial manor except for a dang maze.

We were blasting the theme from Downton Abbey when we left the Biltmore for the nearest brewery and that’s when we started talking about hedge mazes, how there aren’t enough of them, and what we could do about it.

So we came up with a board game. I called it Hedge Lord and said it should be played by edge lords. Dustin said no.

Dustin made a prototype and we forced our friends to play it for months on end. It was a crumbling paper thing with horrifying painted beads for playing pieces.

But we saw beyond the paper game into the world that we were creating around it, even as the board started tearing around the edges.

(If you hate alliteration, now is the time for you to stop reading cause I’m about to wile out.)

We saw ourselves as the dastardly lords that entered the mysterious, moving maze with our loyal beasts to pummel our peers in the most wicked of wagers. We escaped from our own world into another which required cunning and conniving in order to gain gargantuan grandeur to be crowned the “most honorable Hedge Lord.”

Based on that decrepit paper version, Dustin designed a beautiful, screen printed game board to match our vicious Victorian visions.

Since those early days when we sold Hedge Lord from Dustin’s Facebook page, a lot has changed. We’ve added a number of other toys and fun stuffs to our catalog, opened a studio at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, and Dustin has been able to quit his day job to work at Timbrook Toys full-time. 

We still make every single toy and game in a workshop behind our Huntsville, Alabama home, though. 

Timbrook toys shop at Lowe mill

We hope you enjoy our toys and games as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them. Stay tuned for our next creations.